Tips to stay healthy in lockdown

Tips to stay healthy in lockdown
As England goes into another lockdown, we prepare ourselves with what this next chapter will bring. When the UK when into its first lockdown in March, this completely upended our way of life, presenting us with unfathomable challenges we had never dreamed of facing. 
Amidst the hardship and adversity across the nation, stories of kindness and generosity filled our heads and hearts with hope and resilience. One thing that was clear to us was the power of community and the importance of togetherness. 
Many of us developed coping strategies and personal practices that formed the foundations of buoyancy through challenging times. Here are a few tips and thoughts that have been helpful which we encourage you to adopt. 
Nurture your key relationships
This is an unusual circumstance where everyone is in the same boat. But love is ubiquitous – try to look out for your loved ones, particularly those who are on their own.
Stay active
The temptation to vegetate is strong, particularly in the colder months. Resist it – keep moving.
Restrict your media consumption
Endlessly scrolling through news sites or social media is unhealthy. Try to consume only the key things you need to know and not fall into a consumption spiral.
Listen to (or make!) music regularly
It has been proven that good music releases endorphins – that glorious feel-good chemical. It’s amazing what a few minutes of music can change your mood. And remember to listen – really listen.
Keep an eye on the booze
It probably sounds counter-intuitive for a gin brand to be saying this, but moderation is important. Alcohol is made to be enjoyed, not abused.
Keep a gratitude journal
It’s easy to forget the little things. Keeping a journal of those little things every day which easily get lost will make you realise how positive life can be.
Embrace nature
Get out for long walks and switch off from your digital life for an hour. Lunchtimes are a great time to do this, as are weekends. Or, now the nights are darker, don a head torch and embrace the quiet of nighttime.
Finally, remember that all crises eventually end. Keep things in perspective – if we do what we can now, this too shall pass.
With love and strength from the Masons family x