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The Start Of Yorkshire Gin

Karl and Cathy always had an unwavering belief that, when it came to gin, doing things the right way without compromise would lead to the very best outcome. And thus, on World Gin Day in 2013, Yorkshire's first gin, Masons of Yorkshire, was born.

Beyond The Ordinary

Since the beginning, we set out to create a different gin, not just a different label. We know that how we make our gin is exceptional but putting it into words isn’t easy.

But here at Masons, we do things differently. It’s what sets us apart from the rest.

No gimmicks, no shortcuts and absolutely no compromises. Simply the purest and most delicious gin, made properly. Looking for a Gin Gift or Personalised Gin for a friend or loved one? See our divine Gin Gift selection.

Made The Masons Way

From every botanical that goes in the still, every drop of gin produced, every label applied and every phone call answered, this is the Masons Way. It's the mantra we live by, and what makes us different from the rest.

Masons was born of quality, which is a value we will never change. That's why every batch of Masons gin produced, we have a tasting panel who are responsible for ensuring the quality never waivers.

Gin, as it should be.

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