Something's coming to Masons

Something's coming to Masons
When we launched in 2013, we started with a simple mission. To make a different gin, not just a different label. 
And for the past 7 years, that’s exactly what we have done. However, as we all know, we live in a time of inordinate possibilities with gin. We operate in a noisy industry – all great gins are worthy of your time and the value of choice is golden.
So, when our business was suddenly halted with a distillery fire, it gave us a chance to review our outlook. We had time to reflect. To take a step back from the nitty-gritty and recapture the essence of why we started in the first place. To question the industry as a whole and review where we stand in the pecking order. And where we want to be.
In June 2019, we embarked on an extraordinary project to kick-start our next chapter in the story of Masons. It became clear to us that hidden behind all the bravado and gimmicks we find on gin shelves is a beauty and simplicity that sits at the forefront of our gin lover’s desire. And so, we took a big step forward.
Over the past year, we have worked hard to create something superb and we’re nearly at a point where we can unveil our big secret. We can’t show you quite yet, but patience, dear gin lovers. All will be revealed soon.
Karl & Cathy Mason