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Tropical Gin Punch Cocktail

A summery drink with a sweet profile ending with a punch of lime. Easy to make and visually stunning with a fully white and creamy look before settling into a a yellow hue with white foamy head. Scale up to serve at parties by multiplying the ingredients to impress your guests.

- 50ml Fruits of the Tropics Gin
- 15ml Pineapple Syrup
- 15ml Orgeat Syrup
- 15ml Mango Syrup
- 15ml Lime Juice
- 2 drops Pineapple Bitters
- Foamer

- Add all the ingredients to a shaker and add ice
- Shake vigorously
- Strain into a highball glass filled with ice
- Garnish with dehydrated lime and a sprig of mint

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Fruits Of The Tropics Gin

Fruits of the Tropics brings a taste of summer beaches and holidays to our gin collection. Bustling with vibrant fruits, this edition is ideal in a summery G&T with frozen pineapple or mango and ice to keep cool when the mercury rises. It is also beautiful in our cocktails, providing sweet and tropical crowd-pleasing drinks.

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