Tarragon Collins

Tarragon Collins

Tarragon Collins


Named after a hoax that was doing the rounds in New York in 1874, the Tom Collins has immortalised itself into one of the most iconic gin cocktails around. Designed with warmer weather in mind, this cocktail is a refreshing cooler. The aniseed notes of tarragon pair perfectly with the tartness of grapefruit for this delightful number.


50ml Masons The Original Gin

15ml White Grapefruit Juice

10ml Tarragon Syrup



  • Fill a highball glass with ice and leave for 2 minutes to chill
  • Add the gin, tarragon syrup and grapefruit juice and stir
  • Top with soda and garnish with a wedge of white grapefruit


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In pursuit of a gin that tasted exceptional, our founders, Karl and Cathy Mason decided to take matters into their own hands. With a simple mission to create the finest gin, Yorkshire’s first gin distillery burst to life on World Gin Day in 2013.

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