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Pear Raiser Gin Cocktail

The Masons Pear Raiser was launched last year and has proven so popular, we’ve simply had to keep it on our menu. This drink is an array of gin and fizz, elegantly created to please even the most discerning of drinkers. Created to either raise your glass with or celebrate the return of the sunshine whilst bathing in it.

- 25ml Masons Pear & Pink Peppercorn Gin
- 15ml Monin Sugar Syrup
- 15ml Lemon Juice
- 75ml Sparkling Wine

- Add the gin, sugar syrup and lemon juice to your flute and top with sparkling wine
- Garnish with a lemon spiral

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Pear & Pink Peppercorn Gin

Sweet, crisp conference pears are partnered with the gentle warmth of pink peppercorns creating a beautiful, elegantly balanced gin.

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