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Naugh-Tea Iced Tea Gin Cocktail

Cool, refreshing and perfectly dry, this is a cocktail that tastes exactly how you want the sound of clinking ice on a glass to taste on a summer’s day. The dryness of Tea Edition gin is complemented perfectly by the citrus hit of lemon, giving you a big lip-smacking freshness when served over ice.

- 50ml Masons Tea Edition Gin
- 25ml Monin Cloudy Lemonade
- 100ml Soda

- Fill a highball or Masons glass with crushed ice
- Add gin and lemonade and mix together
- Top up the glass with soda and garnish with fresh mint and lemon twist
- Customise with your choice of Monin Syrup flavour - we love peach, jasmine & passionfruit

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Tea Edition Gin

Black tea is inherently dry - a very desirable characteristic in gin - and we hit on a unique flavour partnership when we created Masons Tea Edition Gin with the UK’s favourite premium tea, Yorkshire Tea.

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