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Masons Fruits of the Tropics Recommended Serve

- 50ml Masons Fruits of the Tropics gin
- Premium tonic water
- Frozen pineapple

- Fill your G&T glass with plenty of ice and leave for 2 minutes to chill – this will make the ice last longer
- Add the gin and top with premium tonic water
- Garnish with thinly sized frozen pineapple - it'll keep your drink cool and slowly release flavour 
- Enjoy

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Fruits Of The Tropics Gin

Fruits of the Tropics brings a taste of summer beaches and holidays to our gin collection. Bustling with vibrant fruits, this edition is ideal in a summery G&T with frozen pineapple or mango and ice to keep cool when the mercury rises. It is also beautiful in our cocktails, providing sweet and tropical crowd-pleasing drinks.

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