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Masons Caribbean Club - Gin Cocktail

The rum based Caribbean Club evolved from the gin based Clover Club. With these cocktails in mind, our mixologists were inspired to play with elements of both to develop this fresh and fruity cocktail. The sugar syrup, marmalade and honey impart nectarous characteristics.

- 40ml Fruits of the Tropics Gin
- 50ml Pineapple
- 25ml Lemon Juice
- 15ml Sugar Syrup
- Tsp Marmalade
- Tsp Honey
- Foamer

- Add all the ingredients to a shaker
- Shake with ice
- Strain into a prechilled coupe glass
- Garnish with dehydrated pineapple segment

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Fruits Of The Tropics Gin

Fruits of the Tropics brings a taste of summer beaches and holidays to our gin collection. Bustling with vibrant fruits, this edition is ideal in a summery G&T with frozen pineapple or mango and ice to keep cool when the mercury rises. It is also beautiful in our cocktails, providing sweet and tropical crowd-pleasing drinks.

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