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Distiller's Martini Gin Cocktail

The traditional martini gets an overhaul with Masons Distiller’s Strength gin as a base. So smooth you’ll be channelling your inner James Bond.

- 50ml Masons Distiller’s Strength gin
- 15ml Londinio Dry Vermouth

- Add ice and a splash of water to a martini glass and leave to chill. While the glass is chilling, cut and pith a slice of lemon zest and slide 3 Nocellara olives onto a cocktail stick.
- Add ice to your mixing glass and then add the gin and vermouth before stirring for 5 seconds only.
- Empty the ice and water from your martini glass and strain the mixture in.
- Squeeze the lemon zest over the drink and discard. Finish by adding the olives.

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Distiller's Strength

Based on the Masons Original recipe, but distilled to a higher strength of 53% ABV and increased botanical blend, the gin is packed with orange citrus that balances the warming spice notes, all encompassed by bold juniper.

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