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Bloody Mary Vodka Cocktail

The Bloody Mary is fabled hangover cure. The mixture of fruits and salts provide a regenerative effect, vodka offsets the hangover. We prefer the Bloody Mary as a social brunch course, a slow sipping drink with flavourful garnish, with spiced tomato complimenting the taste profile of many breakfast dishes.    

- 50ml Classic Vodka
- 100ml Tomato juice
- 2 dashes Tabasco sauce 
- 3 dashes Worcester sauce
- Squeeze 1/4 Lemon Segment
- Skewer garnish - Olive, Gherkin, 1/4 Squeezed Lemon segment, Celery 
- Rim Mix - pinch of salt, black pepper and paprika

- Wet the rim of a longball glass and roll through the spice mix
- Fill to the brim with ice
- Pour the Vodka over the ice
- Add the Tabasco, Worcester and squeeze the lemon segment to the glass
- Top with Tomato juice
- Stir to combine
- Skewer the garnishes and rest on the ice

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