Phoenix update – The Fire Fighters Charity

Phoenix update – The Fire Fighters Charity

Following the devastating fire at our original distillery in 2019, Masons relaunched in March 2020 with a very special limited edition gin, Phoenix Edition.

As part of the launch, we pledged to donate £2.50 from each bottle sold to The Fire Fighters Charity – a cause offering specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community, empowering individuals to achieve mental, physical and social wellbeing throughout their lives. On our packaging, we said we would donate £1 per box when we thought we were making 5,000 bottles, but reduced our number to 2,000. However, we still wanted to donate £5,000 so upped this to £2.50 per bottle sold.

Earlier in the month, we heard from the charity to see how the £5,000 donation is aiding their cause.

From their roots in World War Two, when a single donation of £24 was made to support families of London firefighters killed during the Blitz, to the tireless efforts of the fire community and Great British public, their doors are only kept open by donations.

Firefighters Charity

Money raised through the sale of Phoenix Edition gin will go towards helping people like Otley retained firefighter, Dave Shaw and his family. Dave’s five-year-old daughter, Isla, has complex physical and mental health needs that mean she requires constant care and attention.

As if everyday life wasn’t enough of a struggle, their home was flooded on Boxing Day 2015, while his partner, Shona, was in hospital with Isla after an emergency admission. The family was in desperate need of support, and didn’t know who to turn to. But it wasn’t until Dave collapsed at work from a panic attack and exhaustion that the family reached out for help.

Since then, The Fire Fighters Charity’s Welfare team has provided them with specialist medical equipment that monitors Isla’s blood sugar levels, as well as transforming their backyard into a safe, sensory garden for Isla and her big brother, Oliver, to play in.

The family have also been on the Child and Family Week at Harcombe House in Devon a couple of times, joining other families with complex needs. It is the only holiday they have ever been on together, offering them a safe, judgement-free space to spend time together as a family. It also has the only swimming pool Isla has ever been in.

Natasha Mason Fundraising Manager said “Thank you so much for caring about the UK’s fire and rescue community as much as we do. It really is appreciated”

Here at Masons, we are delighted to hear the effect that our supporter’s generosity can have. It’s all because of you – our wonderful customers – that these incredible things can happen.