Collaboration with That Boutique-Y Gin Company on a spooky Gin recipe!

Collaboration with That Boutique-Y Gin Company on a spooky Gin recipe!

Last year we were approached by a very exciting brand, That Boutique-Y Gin Company. It’s a brand that myself and Cathy have always admired due to the fabulous brands they choose to work with. So, when they approached us to collaborate together on creating a gin, we couldn’t resist the offer, and also felt a little pride in being asked.

We initially proposed to the team at That Boutique-Y Gin Company different flavour concepts and inspirations. After a number of trial distillations (and gin tastings – always a given) we decided on a concept but hit a stumbling block in getting the right smoky flavour. It wasn’t until we recruited a new Head Distiller, Luke, Smouldering Heights was finally born.

When the idea for the gin first came about the smoky flavour was inspired by the annual act of heather burning on the Yorkshire Moors, which happens every year to encourage new growth. However, the theme took on a new significance when we had a major fire at our distillery. The timing of it was incredibly spooky, and initially we didn’t know whether to continue with launch so we decided to pause the launch… 3 months on and we finally felt ready as a team to launch the gin to the market, after all it was a gin we were incredibly proud of and we wanted people to taste it!

Smouldering Heights is an aromatic tipple and features a blend of traditional gin botanicals as well as a selection of smoky ingredients, including beech-smoked and peat-smoked malt, heather and Szechuan pepper. Totally different to what we are used to distilling but we all loved it (even Mousey, Cathy’s dog, approved as you can see on the label)!

We really hope you love Smouldering Heights as much as we do.